Learning Should Always Be Fun

We believe that during your child’s early years he or she will learn basic social, intellectual, emotional, and physical skills.  These skills are essential for your child’s growth. Casa “d” Bambini strives to provide your child with these life-long skills.  We also believe children below the age of eight learn best when they have: objects they can manipulate; chances to safely explore the world around them, and opportunities to experiment and learn from trial and error. We foster learning and development by providing space, toys, and opportunities to help your child learn through play.  It is important to us to help your child develop and learn in a healthy, safe and positive environment.

Play Home(1.5yrs – 4yrs)

At SKY, Our Preschool curriculum is based on current research in early brain development, early childhood education, and developmental psychology. Through careful observation, we can assure that individual developmental needs are being met.

The Program is a flexible, yet structured program designed to enable your child to explore and grow in his/her ever changing the world. The program consists of short, structured activities where your child explores and learns while improving his/her fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and social skills. The Program is age-appropriate, geared to the individual needs of each child, and offered in a warm and caring environment.

The children are involved with a specific set of teachers and can enjoy a variety of activities in their company. We make sure that we maintain program flexibility because these early years mean rapidly changing needs as each child grows through many stages of development.

Our curriculum addresses all areas of development. We do this by carefully planning and coordinating five areas:

EQ (emotional intelligence).
Language & Literacy.
Science & Sensory.
Fine & Gross Motor Skills.
Creative Expression.

To learn more about these areas, please come in and visit us.

Preschool  (4 years to 6 years)

The Kindergarten curriculum offers a different style of learning, appropriate materials and equipment, and alternates between child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. They are all integrated with the thematic approach and coordinated lesson planning.

The curriculum areas are taught by the teacher(s), in classrooms specifically designed and equipped for each subject. The children are together in a cohesive group, enjoying relationships with one another for the school year, and have the advantages of utilizing specialized classroom as well as the outdoor play.

At ‘SKY’ our goal is to create an environment where there is respect for age, gender, and cultural differences. Themes are introduced every month with weekly sub themes to help the children discover the similarities as well as the differences among ourselves and others.

In each of our Kinder garden classrooms, learning centers are set up to encourage your child to make choices while developing social, fine motor, gross motor, and pre-reading writing and communication skills. Your child will be exposed to exciting new experiences while exploring a variety of learning materials and participating in many interesting projects. All activities, of course, are age appropriate and emphasize “process” rather than “product”.

Day Care

SKY Day Care is from 1 pm to 6 pm, wherein children from our Montessori and other schools between the age group 3 to 10 years can spend time doing various activities like sketching, craft work, clay work, dancing, and singing etc…

The full day care program has been intended to give an office to parents who might want to see their child safe and comfortable, while they are at their work environments. It enables moms to come back to their working environments without bargaining on the nature of care and love their little ones get. We at SKY endeavor to guarantee that we give a sheltered, solid and sustaining space for kids to learn and develop.

Play Group

Play group is a significant step in the child’s life and their family. It is the first place that children interact with adults and other children of their own age on their own. They start their life long journey of learning and making friends!

At SKY, a child is exposed to the learning environment before the beginning of the formal schooling. SKY helps to nurture the knowledge of the child and helps to develop social skills. In pre-nursery, programs act as catalysts for an easier transition of a child from home to school, which later helps during the Nursery program.

SKY gives a room to the children where they are exposed to objects that develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. The adopted “Gurukula system” endures the environment that helps the child to understand and learn our culture that builds the basic morals and imbibes the values in the tender minds.

In SKY education consists not just learning how to read or write but child’s grooming, enhancing his knowledge, exposing to different ideas and introducing him to the environment around him and preparing for his future schooling.


SKY has tried to revive the ancient Guru – Shishya parampara that suits today’s modern education requirement.

The objectives of this frame work are:

Improvement of character.
Generation of friendliness or social mindfulness.
Fundamental personality development.
Proliferation of virtue.
Conservation of learning and culture.

The basic values are in carved on the young minds by teaching through “Gurukula system”.

Encourage truthfulness.
Insists on making amends.
Teach them to think about others’ feelings.
Be generous with affection.
Build trust.

Our Teachers

The teachers in SKY teach because they feel it’s their Dharma, the Supreme Duty of their life and there is no other ulterior motive involved. They impart their knowledge to the children adopting modern activities in a very loving and caring manner. Teachers Enlighten the paths and lives of the children under their tutelage and care. They gently nudge them to realize their Potential and Dream Big and achieve extraordinary success. They inspire hope in children, Ignite their Vivid imagination and most importantly instill in them a Love for Learning.