Our Little Story

SKY is fully dedicated to the little ones in the house. We realize that a great deal of thought and consideration has gone to choose a  preschool center for your child.  Our mission is to provide a caring and nurturing environment where your child can learn and develop through chronologically and developmentally appropriate activities.SKY Preschool offer peace of mind to each parent by providing cheerful setup from anything related to kids and their growing activities. It ranges from pre-schooling to day-care and even after school classes diversity and highest standards of childcare and education.

SKY is a vibrant, fresh and lively, creative and friendly, technologically proficient learning and growing place.  We believe we need to be a vital extension of your family, sharing love and concern for your child as we work together to build a foundation for their happiness and success.

Parents are an integral part of our program.  We encourage parents to participate in their child’s learning process.  Parents are always welcome in our center to visit, observe, or speak with our staff.  We encourage parents to spend time with their children at our center.  We seek to form a partnership with you and foster the learning and healthy development of your child.  Our aim is to make our center an extension of your home.



Akansha was a very shy girl when joined SKY preschool . Within months we started seeing major difference in her. Her communication and also improved a lot. We are happy today, that we made right decision for my lovely daughter by putting her in SKY preschool.

Priya Mathur

Ryan  has improved a lot in fine motor activities. Initially to make him sit at one place was a real challenge for me.  The teachers were very good and quite experienced. I am happy with their service.


Their day care program is very good, especially the evening  hobby activities. Both of my children ( Joshika & Parul) just love the place. Keep the good work going.




We believe children below the age of eight learn best when they have objects they can manipulate; chances to safely explore the world around them; and opportunities to experiment and learn from trial and error. We provide this through our planned activities and our educational programs , come let us joins hands and see your child develop and learn in a healthy, safe and positive environment.